Customer Testimonials

We felt the best way to get a prospect's attention was to stop talking about ourselves for a change, and let a few of the Pyromet customers write down their opinions:


“Even though I have alternate sources to do business with that are more local, the level of service and detail that I get from Pyromet is top notch and has proved beneficial to Kelley X-Ray.  I appreciate the attention that you guys give every load of scrap film that I send your way.  I have never received so much communication from any recycler as my product moves through the refining process.  From receiving reports, refining, and settlement reports, I always know what my charges are and the timeline of when I should expect payment.  I also appreciate the support of Pyromet in attending the spring NHD shareholder meeting.  Your involvement further shows the dedication of Pyromet to the industry and willingness to maintain relationships with your customers.  Thank you for your excellent service and best of luck in your efforts to secure more business.”

Colin Kelley Jr

Kelley X-Ray Company, Inc.


"We purchase silver anodes from Pyromet on a regular basis. We have found that they are uniform in structure and grain size and go into solution evenly. We have also noticed that they reduce splitting and polarization, which decreases waste and makes for a more efficient product. As the supplier of a critical product, Pyromet has been very helpful when we had problems with our plating solutions and also when we needed an order expedited."

Carl Alexander

Vanguard Metal


“My business was solicited by Pyromet many years ago.  Basing their service in integrity, I have come to realize the value added aspect of a professionally run organization.  The personalized service is only surpassed by the reliable results reported.  Timely, coherent and organized, they have enabled me to focus on other duties.  This is a company that has earned our business!”

Bill May

May Metals, INC


"I have been dealing with Pyromet for many years. My business is located near their facility. They have always been upfront and honest. I wouldn't consider any other company for my refining needs. They also have a friendly and great customer service staff."

 Doug Gearhart Medical Imaging


“ I launched our Ag recycle program using Pyromet on the advice from an associate who had used them in the past. Not knowing what to expect, I was not disappointed… My lots are inspected immediately, accompanied by a receiving report. A refining report follows listing quantity and yield.  They are very precise and trustworthy with great customer service, along with fair standard processing fees…”  

Mike Kovack

Electro-Luminx Lighting Corp


"When we order a truck for film and cartridges, Pyromet quickly responds and meets our demands on time. They have provided great customer service along with accurate and timely payments."

Gary Stiff Capital X-Ray

“I have worked with Pyromet in many different capacities since approximately 1998.  In that time I have had the privilege to be closely involved in their operation from a refining-customer perspective as well as a partner in developing new business opportunities.  Over the years, Pyromet has steadily grown their business by expanding processing capabilities, developing improved environmental standards and by creating new processes and products for the precious metals industries.  I have sent to Pyromet, hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of ARS customer’s silver-bearing products to be refined.  There has never been a moment where the integrity or accuracy of the refining settlement sheet came into question.  The refining results have always been accurate and the payment terms are always followed to a tee. 

In my career, I have had the opportunity to visit, work for, or otherwise experience refining operations of dozens of precious metal refiners around the country, none of which have held to the same standard of excellence in all aspects of their operation as Pyromet. 

Accuracy, Integrity, Fair-pricing, and Reliable results – these are the action verbs I’d use to describe Pyromet… the company, the people, and their operations.”

Gary L Sims

ARS Services, LLC


"I have used many other silver refiners in the past. I have always had issues. We are going on our third year with Pyromet, and we have had no issues. They show a great attention to detail, and their returns have exceeded our expectations."

Cary Kitchen

X-Ray Engineering


"I thought shipping my silver recovery cartridges all the way to Pennsylvania from Miami, Florida was going to be way too expensive. I finally tried their service, and I was extremely pleased with the bottom line. The monies from the first two shipments were equal to ten shipments to other refiners prior to finding Pyromet. I have continued to use them ever since."

Richard Allen

A/C X-Ray

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