Film Wash Process

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When Pyromet first receives a customer’s film, we remove the film from its jacket and then weigh the film. Pyromet’s office staff provides a receiving report to the customer. Once the material is sorted into separate film types, the film is placed into a drum. The film is then washed through a chemical process that extracts the silver from the PET plastic.  The silver bearing solution pushes through a filter process. Silver mud/sludge is then further processed at our refinery. The PET plastic is then bound in plastic and recycled. 

Watch the Film Wash Process in Action

Below is a diagram of the vertically integrated process as it begins as x-ray film and is then washed and refined back into at least .999 pure silver. This is known as x-ray film recycling. Instead of ending up in a landfill and harming the environment, our patented process ensures that the silver bearing x-ray film is turned into non-toxic PET plastic and pure silver. 


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