Photographic Film Silver Recovery

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Pyromet provides silver recovery services for photographic film and papers following all current local, state, and federal regulations including HIPAA. Our scrap silver film refining includes the following types of film:

  • Traditional Black & White Processed and Unprocessed Film (film base restrictions apply)
  • Film for Circuit Boards
  • Movie (Motion Picture) Forms
  • Most Polyester Films
  • Silver Sludge
  • Film Based Films Including DryView Films
  • Silver Bearing Microfiche and Microfilm
  • Scrap Silver-Laden Films
  • Electrolytic Silver Flake
  • Metallic Replacement Units - All brands and sizes

Silver Recovery Products

The Pi series Steel Mesh Cores are created with simplicity in mind. The core replacement has a female garden hose fitting, which simply screws on to the fix inlet in each of the Pi buckets. We have 3 different sizes you can choose from, which can be matched based specific volumes per film developing site. Minimums apply.

Average Yields

The average silver yields listed below are based on our last five years of production. Silver yields can be higher or lower depending on the age, manufacturer, and application) i.e. x-ray scans, M.R.I. nuclear medicine film, or ratio of black versus clear areas on the film. Sun Valley washes and Pyromet refines each lot of film separately.

The silver sludges refined in Pyromet's environmentally responsible processes are refined to .999 industry-standard purity and brokered in the industrial metals market.

Dry Laser Film* Troy Ounces Per 100 lbs
Kodak 9.5
Afga 5
Fuji 6.5
Konica 8.5
Codonics 5
* Based on Lab Sample

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