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Pyromet is a secondary refinery specializing in the recovery of silver and precious metal products including film, industrial, and high grade products.

From receipt to settlement, Pyromet has an “Open Door Policy” for all potential and existing customers. We invite all to tour our refining facility and learn more about our process.

We are committed to responsible environmental stewardship. All silver containing material purchased and handled by Pyromet is refined, purified, and resold to industrial consumers or buyers. Any co-product formed by the refining process is recycled further to ensure the final extraction of any residual precious metals.

Pyromet provides customers a free of charge Metal on Account option to clear out their inventory. Customers can send their material while maintaining control of selling their precious metals at a future market.

  • Film Wash - Pyromet specializes in refining silver from several types of silver coated film and paper.
  • Industrial Refining - Our industrial refining services include refining silver anodes to the electroplating industry.
  • Jewelry & High Grade - As leading silver refiners, Pyromet maximizes returns on silver jewelry and investment grade refining materials.
  • Consumer Refining - Pyromet works direct with consumers on refining high volumes of silver materials.

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