Congratulations Toni Russo for 10 Years of Hard Work and Service

Pyromet congratulates 5 employees for 10 years of hard work and service. One of the five members is Toni Russo. She has been a reliable and hardworking member of the Pyromet team for 10 years.  After graduating from Immaculata in 2003, Russo started her first job as an office assistant.  “My first day at Pyromet was very overwhelming,” said Russo. “Pyromet was my first official job after graduating from college.  When I first started my job was to file papers and transfer phone calls, how my job has changed!”

After 10 years Russo is now the Refining Account Manager. “When I sit back and think about my years at Pyromet, I feel a great deal of accomplishment. I have been able to grow as a person and learn so much from a great group of people,” said Russo.

Russo loves Pyromet and stated that she wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. “Pyromet is my second family; I don’t think I could find a better group of people to work for or with,” said Russo.

Being with the company for a decade, Russo has seen several changes within the company. “We have more than one building, the employee staff has increased, and most importantly our customer list has grown significantly,” said Russo. “In all the growth over the past 10 years Pyromet has not lost the sight of being a close family.”

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