Pyromet Attends the NonDestructive Testing Management Association (NDTMA)


(Las Vegas, NV – February 11-13, 2014). Lon Rudnitsky, Pyromet’s sales representative and film wash partner, attended the NDTMA Conference, NonDestructive Testing Management Association, at the Golden Nugget hotel.

This conference held an expo where the supplier’s exhibit and they hold sessions throughout to educate the attendees and exhibitors.  This was Pyromet’s first year at the show. 

Rudnitsky attended this event to better understand what is happening in the non-destructive testing (NDT), and support a dealer/customer.  NDT companies are still using large amounts of x-ray and are much slower to convert to digital. 

“I discovered that the main reason for the slower conversion is silver halide x-ray processing works, and if something is not broke why fix it,” said Rudnitsky.  “Another reason is the companies standing behind the inspection work are not so willing to change (human nature).”  

X-ray in the NDT world will be around for a long time and there is opportunity for Pyromet dealers and prospects to buy the x-rays and have Pyromet recycle with our high tech wash system.

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