X-Ray Film Recycling & Disposal Services

Pyromet and its sister company, Sun Valley Film Wash, offer comprehensive X-ray recycling services including the chemical removal and recycling of silver from imaging films. We work with a variety of recycling companies that collect this material and have the capabilities to recycle and refine the following items:

  • Medical X-Rays
  • MRI Scans
  • Dental X-Rays
  • Veterinary X-Rays
  • Industrial X-Rays
  • Other Radiology Sheets

Our X-Ray Film Refining Process

Our X-Ray Recycling process is in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations including HIPAA. We use a solution to chemically remove the silver from imaging films. Once we extract the silver from the film, the remaining clear PET plastic is put into bales, and shipped to various recyclers around the world. Nothing is land filled.

The silver washed off the plastic is then weighed and we pay for the actual silver content recovered. We do not guess or rely on an assay from chopping and sampling. After the material has been centrifuged, it turns into a silver sludge that is ready to be refined into pure silver.

All X-ray film is treated and stored as confidential information. Customers are provided with a Certificate of Destruction on request.

Shipping & Minimums

You can send us scrap films using your own vehicle/shipping company or we can assist in the shipping arrangements to our facility. Once the film is received, we will issue a receiving report that indicates the weight and assigns a confirmation number to the shipment.

All films must be dried and segregated from other film types and removed from any covers or jackets.

Minimums apply.

 As a member of Vision Imaging Partners, Inc., Pyromet is committed to preserving the independence and integrity of radiology services, including silver X-ray refining nationwide.

Average Yields

The average silver yields listed below are based on our last five years of production. Silver yields can be higher or lower depending on the age, manufacturer, and application) i.e. x-ray scans, M.R.I. nuclear medicine film, or ratio of black versus clear areas on the film. Sun Valley washes and Pyromet refines each lot of film separately.

The silver sludges refined in Pyromet's environmentally responsible processes are refined to .999 industry-standard purity and brokered in the industrial metals market.

Medical FilmsTroy Ounces Per 100 lbs
File Films Earlier than 197918 - 20
File Films From 1979 - 198215 - 18
File Films From 1982 - 199012 - 14
*File Films From 1990 - 20088 - 11
Single-Sided (MRI, Nuclear Med., Scans, etc)7 - 8
Darkroom Scrap or Discards7 - 8
Exposed Rolls of Cinefleurographic Films4 - 6
Unexposed Rolls of Cinefleurographic Films16 - 18
2007 Unexposed Singled Sided Films15 - 18
2007 Unexposed Double Sided Films20 - 23
* From 1998 to current, any radiology rooms added newer technology (dry processors). The dry process films is mixed in to the file films, so the assays have dropped on the lower range to 8 troy ounces per 100 pounds depending on the ratio of dry to conventional films.


Industrial / DentalTroy Ounces Per 100 lbs
Earlier than 198245 - 50
From 1982 - 200823 - 35
2008 Unexposed30 - 42


Graphic ArtsTroy Ounces Per 100 lbs
Assorted Printing Mix17 - 18
Newspaper21 - 24
Unexposed28 - 34


Dry Laser Film*Troy Ounces Per 100 lbs
* Based on Lab Sample

Silver Refining Estimate